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Your fans only need to login once

You may not know about it, but all your applications are equipped with a true SSO (single sign-on) based on the latest authentication and security technologies. Until today, we have never offered to extend this SSO to your own systems (ticketing, e -commerce, cashless, website, marketing page etc..), it is now possible thanks to the bFAN Sports’ SSO, contact us to be the first club to test it!

  1. What is an SSO?

SSO is the key to ensuring unique authentication and identification of your fans across all your systems that have been created, developed and managed by different entities/systems.

If for you, finding Joseph Dupont, who has been a fan of your club for several years whose email is seems to be simple on the human side to ensure that it is the same person across all your systems. From a computer point of view, it is totally impossible without complex operations such as email matching, name matching, probability matching and that without any guarantee because of input errors, spelling mistakes, duplicates, email changing between different entities etc..

It is necessary to create and follow your fans through their customer journey and their fan life whether it is at the refreshment booth, when they buy their tickets, the time of their purchases at the stadium store or online, the games on the application, the reloading of their cashless accounts etc.. From an IT point of view, that represents as many different users as you have different systems. Single Sign-On is the solution to set up a unique identity shared across all your systems, ensuring "seamless" customer journeys between your different systems. Moreover, it allows the consolidation of data from different systems, as that information will be dumped directly into your CRM, to be done without duplication and will allow you to have a 360° vision of your fans or partners.

  1. What is not an SSO?

The SSO is not intended to replace the CRM and store all possible information about your fan, even if the SSO stores some essential information (name/first name/email ... some data that need to be shared between systems E.g. ticketing ID, loyalty point ...) so it has a unique reference in its basic data and allows each system to check if they have the latest data.

Indeed each of your systems store identity data, in addition to their own data, such as ticketing with all tickets and the associated amount, cashless with all expenses and recharges made, merchandising with all and the amount of purchases made. All these data are not or will not be available in the SSO, it is the role of the CRM to centralize all the information to allow you to analyze them instantly or over time. The SSO is the element that allows you to ensure that all the data of an individual goes into a single profile rather than into different profiles, and therefore have complete profiles to ensure your work of segmentation analysis ...

  1. The advantages of SSO

a. From the point of view of your fans

When the fan connects to the application or to any site, once he is connected, he will be able to navigate through your different sites (ticketing site, official site of your club) and be automatically connected whatever the path he takes. They will no longer need to log in several times to access the different systems. This will accelerate and fluidify the customer journey, by reducing the number of clicks.

SSO implementation: some concrete cases of customer journey and value creation

  • Purchasing tickets on the web instantly brings up the ticket on the app side. An SSO guarantees that any purchase made outside of the app, allows the tickets purchased to be brought up on the app side without having to "match" the account of the ticketing site with the account of the fan on the app side.
  • Accelerated in-app purchase path: Sending an app notification for accelerated ticket purchase in 1 or 2 clicks becomes possible. Clicking on the notification opens the app in "logged in" mode and opens a webview on the purchase path you want to point to with the fan already logged in on your purchase site. Two clicks later the purchase is completed. The combination of instant communication and fast purchase is possible!
  • Extended loyalty program: bFAN Sports is currently working on extending the earning of points outside the app (ticket purchases, e-shop purchases, actions on your institutional site, refreshment bar purchases). An SSO allows you to identify your fans everywhere on your sites and reward them!

b. For your club

An SSO will give you the possibility to consolidate data information around a unique identity. This will allow you to have a much deeper analysis of the customer journey, usage, purchases, average basket spend and no longer from the perspective of one system, but from the perspective of all your systems. Your marketing approach and understanding of your fans on their potential spend, optimization, loyalty, stadium attendance etc. is much more refined and reliable than what you had before.

An SSO is the key to having an omnichannel experience, as well as marketing, data and communication strategies which are effective and sustainable over time.

Want to try it?

In order to ensure a service of impeccable quality, we do not yet wish to launch this product on a large scale. We are looking for our first 3 customers who are ready to embark on the adventure and collaborate with bFAN Sports in exchange for taking advantage of very competitive rates as part of this product launch. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact Benjamin BONNET by email, on slack or by phone.

What they says about us ?

The fan experience is at the heart of our marketing strategy: Providing qualitative content, offering gamification solutions to reward the loyalty of our fans, etc. We are delighted to work with bFAN, which solution meets all our expectations. Its backoffice is easy to use and the application has been well received by our fans

CSP Limoges
Marketing Manager

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Andrew s.
Sydney, Aus

The fan experience is at the heart of our marketing strategy: Providing qualitative content, offering gamification solutions to reward the loyalty of our fans, etc. We are delighted to work with bFAN, which solution meets all our expectations. Its backoffice is easy to use and the application has been well received by our fans

CSP Limoges
Marketing Manager

bFAN Sports is an excellent solution that meets our expectations and fully satisfies our fans. A real pleasure to work with their team. The functionalities are very advanced and bFAN Sports is very attentive to taking their solution even further in line with our expectations, I recommend it to all clubs

JL Bourg
Director of Marketing

bFAN solution allows us to develop new relationships with our supporters and to provide additional visibility to our partners and sponsors. The level of download is beyond our expectations and enables us to fill-up our CRM database

Section Paloise
Head of communication

Excellent product, team at the top. bFAN Sport allows us to offer an optimal digital experience to our fans.

RC Toulon
Marketing & Communication Director

We have now a genuine fan engagement and retention solution, even our partners play on the app

Elan Chalon
Digital & Communication Manager

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